When the SAP data center in St. Leon-Rot, Germany was planned, energy efficiency was already on top of the minds of its fathers. Through energy efficiency and the increased procurement of green electricity, SAP has been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of its data centers to zero globally.

Since the data center has been completed, SAP has continuously sought to further increase its energy efficiency. These efforts have been successful because of the fruitful collaboration between Facility Management that is responsible for running the data center facilities and its technical features and the IT department that is responsible for the installed servers.

How did SAP save energy and greenhouse gas emissions?

Excellent results!

Since 2010, TUEV Rheinland has conducted annual reviews of the SAP data center and has confirmed the increasing energy efficiency with the premium award for energy efficiency. The TUEV keeps confirming that the SAP data center is not only better than other comparable data centers but has improved year over year.

In addition, SAP was recognized with the first prize of the 2014 German Data Center Award in the category “Integrated Energy Efficiency in Data Centers” – another proof point that SAP is successfully implementing new technologies.

Moreover, the energy consumption data tell their own tale: The electricity consumption has remained flat in the past five years despite significant business growth. SAP now has 25% more employees and 57% more revenue – it is obvious that efficiency has improved steadily.

Is it possible that SAP data centers cause zero greenhouse gas emissions?

Even though SAP’s efficiency measures have been very successful, every computer operation needs power. And this is why it is not only important to care for efficiency but also for how this power is produced.

SAP has continuously expanded the procurement of green energy. Since 2014 SAP’s datacenters cause virtually no greenhouse gas emissions because SAP purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that cover the energy consumed by the datacenters.

SAP’s customers benefit from this move as well: All SAP Cloud solutions are now running on a “Green Cloud”. This means that customers that switch from their previous systems to the SAP Cloud reduce their related greenhouse gas emissions accordingly.