• 01. Data Center

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      01.01. Data Center

      How a Data Center Works

      Data centers process, analyze, and save data nonstop. Learn why they are necessary and – looking at SAP’s data center in St. Leon-Rot as an example – what they contain, and how they are operated.

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      01.02. Data Center

      Zero Emissions

      SAP always aimed for energy savings in the data centers. Since 2014 the emissions of greenhouse gases have been reduced to zero.

  • 02. Security

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      02.01. Security

      How Secure Is the Data Center?

      The TÜV, KPMG, and SAP itself regularly test whether the technology and infrastructure are in perfect working order. The most important checks at a glance.

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      02.02. Security

      What About Data Protection?

      Legal standards require it, but it's also in the data center's best interest: Why data protection is just as important as physical security.

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      02.03. Security

      Certification for Security's Sake

      Fire, power outage, and hardware failure are just a few reasons why data centers must be absolutely secure. A number of quality seals and certificates ensure this.

  • 03. Cloud

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      03.01. Cloud

      From System R to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

      Throughout its history SAP stands for real-time computing with standard software. Features that you can expect in the SAP cloud as well.

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      03.02. Cloud

      The Value of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

      SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is the newest SAP cloud-offering availalbe. Read all about it.

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      03.03. Cloud

      To Do It Yourself or Not?

      Operating a data center usually does not fall under a given company's core area of expertise. Increasingly, these companies are asking themselves which services should be run in the cloud.

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      03.04. Cloud

      Getting More out of the Data Center

      Utilize hardware to its fullest capacity and maintain operations without interruption: Smoothly-run data centers are more efficient. And that's essential for the operator.

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      03.05. Cloud

      Data – Underway in the Cloud

      Even in cloud computing, data is transferred and stored in the data center. We follow the data on its journey and explain how it remains secure.

  • 04. SAP Runs SAP

    • 04.01. SAP Runs SAP

      Its Own First Customer

      SAP tests and uses its own technology first – from apps to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA to virtualization in the data center.